Apartments for sale in Cyprus Cyprus homes for sale
Apartments for sale in Cyprus Cyprus homes for sale
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Andreas Efthimiou Real Estates Agency Ltd

Our company, ANDREAS EFTHIMIOU REAL ESTATES AGENCY LTD, consists of a dynamic team of associates who are specialised in the real estate sector. Whilst creating this team, we set certain targets and principles, which have ensured our high success rate. We pride ourselves for our determination and uncompromising quality, aiming to satisfy every individual or company that is looking to buy or sell properties in Cyprus.

Our team shares the following mission and values:

1. Professionalism
Our associates are the keystone of our company. The team consists of lawyers, bankers, constructors and technical advisors, with specialised expertise in the real estate sector, who provide multiple services and solutions to all our clients. This allows our clients to focus on selecting their ideal Cyprus property from the stunning selection that we offer, without having to worry about the details.

2. Dedication
Every single member of our team is fully dedicated in working effectively to produce excellent results, by working meticulously in achieving excellent client satisfaction, by meeting all of our client’s requirements and needs. Our mission starts with the client’s expression of interest; however, it does not end with closing the deal. We pride ourselves for always standing by our clients, even after the sale, by supporting them for anything they may need.

3. Creativity
For us, there is no such thing as an unresolved problem when it comes to properties. We take on each of our client’s requirements and always find solutions to potential issues. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise, we are able to find and tackle the most complex problems, gaining the reputation of one of the best real estate agency in Cyprus.

4. Adaptability
The real estate market in Cyprus is changing at a rapid pace, which is why we continue to develop and adapt from these changes. We never settle and we constantly ensure that we are offering top of the notch services to individuals or companies looking to buy or sell properties in Cyprus. We use the latest technologies to showcase our properties which subsequently can be viewed in our state of the art website, where we provide detailed descriptions of available properties in Cyprus. We hope that you will like the stunning and versatile selection of properties that we offer, and look forward to hearing from you in order to provide you our First-Class services.

A) First step to buying a property in Cyprus

After going through our stunning selection and deciding on your dream house, holiday home or investment property, you will proceed in purchasing your new Cyprus property. Since there are multiple types of properties in Cyprus, the procedure may vary from property to property. Usually, the property which you have set out to buy will be either a ready-made property or a property which is under-construction or even an off-plan property that is scheduled to be built.

B) Reservation of the property – Reservation Agreement

Depending on the price of the property, a reservation fee of 5 to 10,000 euros is usually paid. A reservation agreement is typically signed by both the buyer and the vendor, to stipulate the price and everything that is inclusive with the sale. From the moment that the owner receives the agreed reservation fee, the property is instantly taken off the market. The reservation amount usually reserves the property for a month or the specified agreed time between the buyer and seller. The reservation should be fully refundable in the event of any legal issues that prevent the property sale. Should the buyers change their mind for any reason, then the reservation deposit will be kept by the owner of the property and the deal will be cancelled.

C) Contract of sale

The contracts of sale are drawn up to detail, protecting the rights and obligations of both sides. Once the contract is approved, they are signed and sent for the stamp duty to be paid by the buyer as well as officially by the Cypriot law, for the successful transfer of ownership.

D) Completion of the contract of sale

After signing the contract of sale, the client or their representative (Power of Attorney) is required to visit the local land registry office and pay for the consideration from the property. In this case, either your contract will be deposited or the title deeds will be transferred to your name. The next step is receiving the keys of your brand-new property in Cyprus! For more information and details about purchase property in Cyprus and what taxes you have to pay please visit our page how to buy property in Cyprus.

E) Our Mission

Our company, Andreas Efthimiou Real Estates Agency Ltd will be on your side through the first steps of meeting your requirements, all the way through purchasing your dream property to offering lifetime support for any solutions you may need in the future. Our mission is to continue to offer excellent client satisfaction as well as proceed to receive high praised referrals from previous clients. Looking to buy apartment, home, villa, seaside property or a luxury property in Cyprus or you want to invest into real estate for the permanent residence permit visa in Cyprus or for the Cyprus nationality – Passport but you are not sure from where to start? For whatever reason you have into your mind to buy a property in Cyprus we have the ideal properties in Cyprus for you!! To bring you a step closer to finding your ideal property in Cyprus please navigate our properties portfolio below

Andreas Efthimiou
Director of Andreas Efthimiou Real Estates