Apartments for sale in Cyprus Cyprus homes for sale
Apartments for sale in Cyprus Cyprus homes for sale
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Houses for sale in Larnaca

Larnaca Meneou maisonette for sale
Houses for sale in Larnaca

Maisonettes for sale Meneou

€ 170,000

Cheap 3-bedroom maisonette for sale in Larnaca outskirt, which is located in the coastal village of Meneou that is of the best options in the real estate market to buy property for holiday home, primary residence or for investment. The village of Meneou is growing rapidly due to the sandy beaches and thus gives boost to the properties for a safe investment.

Larnaca Vergina area new house
Homes for sale in Larnaca

Vergina houses for sale Larnaca

€ 320,000 plus VAT

One of the best proposals in properties in Larnaca is this home for sale in Vergina, which is the perfect blend of a permanent residence and a cottage. With perfectly design of interior and exterior areas the home keeps up with the modern way of life, consists of 3 story, open plan living room dining room with kitchen and on the second and third floor the 5 bedrooms.

Larnaca Meneou 4 bedroom house

4 bedroom house Meneou

€ 235,000

With 4 bedrooms, this house in Meneou features meticulously designed spaces and a traditional character of a simple layout that can meet the needs of any family wishing to buy a home in Larnaca. Meneou is a rising very promising village with significant development in real estate due to the sandy beach of the area and to the easy access to Larnaca centre.

Cyprus Larnaca corner house with pool
Buy house in Larnaca

House 3 bedroom with swimming pool Larnaca

€ 300,000 plus VAT

This corner house for sale in Larnaca it made up of 3 bedrooms and is built with an elegant design and certainly is capable of meeting the needs and demands of a contemporary family. The property it has a swimming pool and landscaped garden that further enhance the impressive façade of this modern brand-new home.

Larnaca Ayia Anna village house for sale

House for sale Ayia Anna village

€ 235,000

If you are interested to buy a mountain home in one of the picturesque villages of Cyprus, then this 3-bedroom house that is built in the valley in the community of Ayia Anna is the suitable choice to invest. Agia Anna is a small scenic village surrounded by green mountains and thus the properties live up to the meanings of serenity and relaxation.

Larnaca Kiti village buy house
Larnaca houses for sale

Houses for sale in Kiti

€ 215,000 plus VAT

Undoubtedly this cheap house for sale in Kiti village is an opportunity for people looking to buy a house in Larnaca district, due to the abundant comfortable living spaces and the affordable sale price. The village of Kiti is a contemporary small town with plenty of conveniences and thus gives the chance to the inhabitants to live an easy way of life.

Larnaca Kamares house for sale

House for sale Kamares Larnaca

€ 330,000

5-bedroom home for sale that has been built in one of the popular residential areas of Larnaca with an easy access to all amenities and close to new shopping center of Larnaca. The house is located in the area of Kamares and is the epitome of a comfortable lifestyle and creates an exquisite family dwelling suitable for a permanent residence or for a cottage.

Larnaca Livadia buy property
Houses in Larnaca for sale

Buy property Livadia Larnaca

€ 250,000 plus VAT

Modern appearance, prime location and refined elegance are just few of the features of this beautiful house for sale in the area of Livadia, which has built up with impeccable architectural manner. Quality construction and comfort come together under one roof to provide a truly sensational choice for anyone who wants to buy a new house in Larnaca town.

Cyprus Larnaca sea view home for sale

Sea view homes for sale Larnaca

€ 465,000 plus VAT

This home is an excellent option in the property market in Larnaca you should not miss, especially if you are looking for a house to buy with a sea view and impeccable design. The home located in Livadia area, provides absolute comfort and functionality and buyers have the advantage to make any changes and modifications to the interior and facade.