Apartments for sale in Cyprus Cyprus homes for sale
Apartments for sale in Cyprus Cyprus homes for sale
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Luxury houses for sale in Larnaca

Are you seeking to buy luxurious villa or home in Larnaca district? On this web page we present unique properties with sea view, detached homes with pool and seafront villas on large plot of land. This webpage is for individuals looking for a gorgeous holiday home or for a magnificent permanent residence.

Cyprus Larnaca seafront luxury villa

Seafront luxury villa in Larnaca

€ 2,500,000

A top choice in the Cyprus real estate market for individuals looking to buy a luxury beachfront villa in the region of Larnaca. In addition to its beautiful beach location, this house benefits from a spectacular design, as well as comfortable and inviting interiors and in combination with the superb location, create an idyllic setting suitable for a luxurious lifestyle.

Larnaca Maroni seafront property

Seafront property in Maroni

€ 2,300,000

By the beach on large plot of 1327 sq.m. with privacy, this seafront villa for sale in the suburbs of Larnaca will impress sea lovers looking for a beachfront property with unobstructed sea views. The villa is located in the coastal village of Maroni and stands out for its amazing prime location, the huge interiors areas 600 sq. metres and the panoramic sea view.

Larnaca Maroni village luxury property

Luxury property in Maroni Cyprus

€ 1,100,000

Luxurious home for sale in the beautiful picturesque village of Maroni in Larnaca province, on a large plot of land with an amazing garden of mature tropical trees and swimming pool. As impressive as the exterior area is, much more impressive is the interior areas with comfortable layout and expensive furniture from well-known European brands.

Cyprus Larnaca buy seafront villa

Buy seafront villa in Larnaca

€ 1,780,000

Due to its privileged location, this seafront property for sale in Larnaca is the right choice in the real estate market in Cyprus for individuals seeking for a house by the beach and to live in a harmony with backdrop the blue waters of the sea. The villa is located in the sought after area of Dhekelia and has a beautiful mature garden that adjacent to the sandy beach.

Larnaca Mazotos beachfront luxury villa

Buy seafront luxury villa in Larnaca

€ 2,500,000 plus VAT

We present a stunning opportunity for individuals looking to buy a beachfront house on the island of Cyprus and more specifically on the suburban of Larnaca. The seafront villa is located in the area of Mazotos and is characterized by the impeccable modern design, huge covered areas, large plot and panoramic sea view.

Larnaca Oroklini luxury house

Luxury house for sale in Larnaca

€ 1,159,000 plus VAT

We present you this luxury state-of-the-art villa for sale on the outskirt of Larnaca in the beautiful village of Oroklini, ideal for individuals seeking to buy luxurious and modern villa on a large plot. Although the property is located in a village the distance to the sea is very close and therefore is the right choice for any purpose of buying a property in Cyprus.

Cyprus Larnaca beachfront houses for sale

Seafront properties in Larnaca

€ 2,700,000 plus VAT

Stunning and admirable beachfront villas for sale in Larnaca for fans of luxury that they are looking to buy a seafront home in Cyprus island and live in a harmony with the blue waters. The spacious new houses located on large plots of lands in the renowned seaside area of Dhekelia tourist area and excel from the other properties for sale in Larnaca region.

Larnaca Oroklini luxury villa

Larnaca luxury villa for sale

€ 1,333,000 plus VAT

This state-of-the-art villa for sale in Larnaca, situated on a plot of 1145 sq. m. and is of the top 10 luxury properties in the region of Larnaca that perfectly combines the prime location with the huge plot of land and spacious covered areas with the impeccable modern layout. If you are looking to buy a unique property, then definitely you need to see this villa!

Cyprus Larnaca seafront villa for sale

Seafront villa for sale in Larnaca

€ 2,200,000

Are you looking to buy a seafront property on the island of Cyprus in an incredible location? Then this beach villa is a lifetime opportunity to live in front of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. So much on the interiors as it does on the exteriors, this unique real estate in the area of Larnaca Dhekelia offers unprecedented beauty and ultimate relaxation.